Package content

This package contains a Posomind, a charger and a user guide in four languages (in the lateral pocket).

Charging the Posomind and usefulness of a docking station

Once you have purchased your Posomind, it is advisable to charge it as soon as your return using the charger included in the Posomind package (plug the charger into the lateral connector on the Posomind).
If you wish, for your convenience, you can purchase a docking station from your pharmacist which can be used to charge your device and to ensure that it is available and within reach.

Switching on the Posomind

If the Posomind is off (black screen) and you press the button, the device switches on at the home screen and displays your first name and the time of the next alarm. The time and battery charge condition are also displayed at the bottom of the screen.
If necessary, the Posomind can display several pages (indicated at the bottom of the screen), which you can access by pressing the button again (click once).
The following information can be displayed on these additional screens:

After a certain period of time (time-out), or if you press the button again, the Posomind will switch off.

In Case of Emergency (ICE)

If you have opted for the emergency function, the following message will be displayed at the top of the home page: « Shake in case of emergency ».
If the Posomind is shaken, another screen displays your current medication and any other information that you have chosen to include (rhesus factor, illnesses, telephone number of your GP or a close relative or friend, etc.).

Posomind on alert

When an alarm goes off, the Posomind rings and/or vibrates and the screen lights up.
The screen displays the medication to be taken and the posology.
The pharmacist's note and a photo of the packaging and the tablet (if available) appear on any subsequent pages (either by clicking once or automatically after a certain period of time).
A different alarm may go off to remind you to go to your pharmacist or your GP to renew your treatment.
When an alarm goes off, you have two options:

If you miss a Posomind alarm, it will remind you just once, five minutes later.

Configuring your Posomind

To configure your Posomind once it has been switched on, press the button twice in quick succession (double-click) to access the settings menu.
In this menu, click once to browse through the menu items and double click to configure the item required.
You can set the following elements:

Once you have entered the required configuration item, click once to browse through the various options and double-click to validate your choice.

Remember: using the Posomind button

You can use the Posomind button in three ways:

In the pharmacy

Do not forget to take your Posomind with you each time you go to the pharmacy for new medication, so that your pharmacist can synchronise it on your Posomind.
You can also extend or obtain your Posomind activation period at your pharmacy.
The following periods are available: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months.